Apple Patents a Foldable IPhone


Newsletters about Apple and its rivals have been able to develop a smartphone.

This week, Apple acquired a new device for a mobile device, which can be used to define various prohibited mechanisms with elastic screen, which could be the largest part of a capable phone phone.

Flexible display prototypes are over 2013, and many brands are interested in their production.

According to the information, Samsung may be the first phone company in which Folding Mobile Phones, Airports, Zooms, and Oops will follow.

Apple’s latest patent is just called “Flexible Display Device”, which is 10,104,787.

“Flexible display can be installed on the housing section, which is more occupied. When housing parts of accessories rotate relative to each other, can prevent elastic display,” explains the patent document’s description.

As shown above, the iPhone Engineer is considering all possibilities. The axis design can be attached to three times, four times, a pin with a slotted iPad, a flexible support structure, a capture, and a capture based on a occupation based on a flexible housing structure. .

Apple does not intend to launch an applicable phone in a short period of time. It is rumor that the oldest time to start such a device for Apple is 2020 or later.

At present, there is no indication that Apple will start a applicable phone in 2019.

Apple’s Launch Time Civilization will be much more about the popularity of Android phones. If Apple’s competitors are successful, Apple has to work quickly to join the competition and will start smart phones immediately.


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