XiaomiMi Mix 3 Poster Reveals Some Eye-Catching Information


Xiaomi’s main model for every year has come our way before the original MI series.

However, with the beginning of the first Jean Mi MIX handset, everything has changed. Though Joney has already introduced four devices from the M8 series, October 25, Zuyimi Meix 3 will be launched in a few days on October 25.

Today afternoon, Zumi released the MI MI3 poster, which has been presented with soft light in front of a 24-megawatt camera. In this way, the company only indicates that this handset will be surprised in the front camera.

There is no doubt about the fact that Joyie is going to be the flagship of the MIX 3, 2018 manufacturers. It will use a sliding structure, which is unusual in the current smartphone market. This device helps to get about 100% screen ratio. So imagine what wonderful will be performed.

The Xomiomi MIX 3 screen supports fingerprint recognition, which can be a pressure-sensitive fingerprint fingerprint.

If this rumor is correct then it will be the third screen fingerprint zyum phone smartphone. The first two XiomiMi 8 Explorer Edition and the XiaomiMi 8 Pro are.

In terms of performance, Xomiomi MIX 3 is going to be a master explosion. According to the official introduction, it is playing a massive 10GB RAM. Thus, this is the first biography phone with a huge memory.

Last but at least, Xiaomi M. MIX 3 will be the world’s first commercial 5G smart phone.

At this time, Zia has successfully opened 5G signaling and data link connection. This connection uses Qualcomm Snapdragon X50 5G modem and supports RF solution. This device has targeted smartphone motherboard stacking and RFF / antenna design fixture.


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