After its great success in other cities of Islamabad and Punjab, starring campaign ‘Kay Sultans’ finally reached Karachi in Karachi’s famous city Szabist. As day activities reached close reach, second success was incorporated as the Infinix Infinity and Multan SULTAN partnership, as much as diamonds were removed in the toss of the Infinix and Multan SULTAN.

Successful students encouraged students in different cities, as guests have still encouraged the largest pool of participants, who still have a great recitation for those looking for inspiring ones. .

Infinix announced a campaign on August 12 in a press conference. From then on, ‘Kay Sultans’ of Infinix has gained huge positive effects due to its population’s population. An entirely interactive campaign, Infinix hopes to give them the opportunity to fulfill their dreams only according to their emotions and determination to empower the youth of Pakistan. ”

“As with any game, the success of success is the key and never gets it done by old ones. The young generation gives the opportunity to showcase its unwanted talent in front of key players around the world. Instead, it is a better way to fulfill it. Faisal Mirza, CEO of Multan SULTAN, said that Multan SULTAN is proud to become a part of such campaign that allows youth to give a wonderful shot in fulfilling their dreams.

‘Infant Kay Sultans’ is a type of first campaign in which students give the opportunity to challenge their favorite players and have the opportunity to go through the process of learning and improving themselves. Participants have received special tips and tricks from seasonal players, to make sure this campaign as well as to help them as well. At the end of the day, 2 outstanding participants – 1 baler and 1 batsman – was crowned from Karachi as ‘Kay Sultans’ and was awarded the mobile phone.


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