Xiaomi Features a Smart Phone with a Pop-up Camera


Chinese manufacturers wall, Xiaomi, ready to start the latest flagship, Joy Mi MIX on October 25.

After making several projects about the design of Lin Bin, Xiaomi Co-Founder and President, Ice 3, finally choose slide cover.

Today, Xiaomi President has released pictures of one of the designs already considered to be MI MI3 but did not go along.

This photo shows that the smartphone designs are combined with a popup camera, with Wave Enx.

Xiaomi President Lin Bin said that the company applied for a mobile phone patent for popup camera in 2015 and also smartphone engineering.

Leaving Camera Design Xiaomi failed to meet MiI 3 full function requirements, so they chose a screen slide.

Although, Xiaomi-president has not “fully functioned”, there will be no other sensor required for the face of a pop-up camera design.

Therefore, the company chose the fullscreen slide because it needs to use face recognition on MI MIX 3. With this design and slide cam, with this space, Xiaomi can just start such a smartphone The face recognition feature will not come in future but certainly with that.

From the images, whatever the smartphone Xiaomi is ready to work, this design had 3400 megabytes of battery.


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